In the United States complete the test “cocktail” of antibodies against COVID-19

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, an American biotechnology company, has announced the start of the final test phase of its two-antibody cocktail to prevent COVID-19 and phase two for treating patients with coronavirus.

“The third phase will evaluate the ability (cocktail – Ed.) REGN-COV2 to prevent infection among uninfected people who have been in direct contact with the patient with COVID-19,” the company said.

In addition, the drug went into the second phase of trials for the treatment of hospitalized or hospitalized patients. It is noted that the first phase received positive reviews about safety when tested on 30 patients.

The third phase of the test to prevent the virus is carried out in 100 regions, 2 thousand people can take part in it. Testing the ability of a “cocktail” to treat the virus is planned in 150 regions in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.