10 months ago

In the United States filed a lawsuit against American Airlines for racial discrimination

10 months ago

A black resident of Arizona and four others have sued American Airlines for racial discrimination. The reason was the removal of an African American from an airline flight.

According to NBC News, the incident occurred May 31 on a flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix. The black Elgin Banks, on landing, “politely asked” if he could change his place. The stewardess told him that he could change when the landing was over.

The lawsuit states that several white passengers changed their seats, and then Banks turned again, to which the flight attendant “answered in an insulting and frightening tone:” Sir, step back. ” A little later security officers approached him and demanded to leave the plane.

Passengers sitting next to him stood up for him and stated that he had not committed anything unlawful. However, Banks and his defenders were taken out of the plane.

The airline, in turn, noted that Banks demanded to transfer him to business class.

Earlier, the American company Dreyer’s announced that it would change the name of its ice cream Eskimo Pie, recognizing that the term is “derogatory” for the indigenous peoples of the north of Alaska, Canada and Siberia. The manufacturer noted that he was committed to “the idea of ​​becoming part of the solution to the issue of racial equality.”

At the end of May, protests of the Black Lives Matter movement broke out in the United States because of the death of an African American George Floyd at the hands of a policeman. Demonstrations escalated into riots in many American cities, and then around the world.

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