11 months ago

In the United States found antibodies that completely protect the body from coronavirus

11 months ago

American biopharmaceutical company Sorrento Therapeutics believes that its scientists were able to identify the type of antibodies that completely protect human cells from the penetration of coronavirus and remove it from the body within four days. The founder and head of this company, headquartered in San Diego (California), Henry G, told Fox News Channel on Friday.

According to the researcher, the STI-1499 antibody is capable of “100% suppressing” the coronavirus and can begin to be used several months ahead of the time that the vaccine, which has not yet been launched, has entered the market. “We want to emphasize that there is a healing method. There is a solution that works 100%. If your body has a neutralizing antibody, then you will not need to maintain a safe distance, ”he said.

According to Gee, his scientists over the past decade have identified and studied billions of antibodies, of which several hundred of the most promising species have been selected. About a dozen antibodies have demonstrated the ability, to varying degrees, to effectively block the penetration of coronavirus into human and other mammalian lung cells using ACE2 protein molecules. And STI-1499 does it successfully in all cases.

“When an antibody does not allow the virus to enter the cell of the human body, the virus does not survive. If they cannot penetrate the cell, they are not able to reproduce. In other words, the virus eventually dies if it is not allowed to enter the cell, ”the researcher explained. In his words, STI-1499 envelops the coronavirus and flushes it out of the body in four days without any side effects.

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