In the United States found infected with bubonic plague protein

Medical tests have confirmed that in the US state of Colorado, they actually found a protein infected with bubonic plague. This is with reference to local authorities reports the New York Post.

This squirrel is the first registered plague carrier in Morrison near Denver, the state capital. Plague can be transmitted to humans through infected fleas or pets. Cats can become infected and even die, dogs are not susceptible to the plague, but can carry infected parasites.

However, as doctors note, with the necessary precautions, the risk of infection is extremely small, not to mention a full-fledged outbreak. They recommended that local residents monitor contacts with wild animals and consult a veterinarian for any ailments in domestic animals.

On July 8, it was reported that in the Russian regions bordering Mongolia, they began to catch rodents for inspection – an outbreak of bubonic plague associated with marmots was recorded on the other side of the border.