In the United States, Putin’s words were revealed that gave the former head of the State Department goosebumps

Journalist Bob Woodward in his book “Rage” told about a conversation between former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which the American diplomat “got goosebumps”.

US President Donald Trump told the author of the book about the conversation between Putin and Tillerson. It took place on a yacht in the Black Sea. Putin reminded his interlocutor that Russia is a nuclear power and does not deserve to be treated as a “banana republic”:

“You Americans think you won the Cold War. You didn’t win the Cold War. We just never fought this war. We could have, but we didn’t.”

Woodward claims that these words gave Tillerson “goosebumps.” When exactly this conversation took place is not specified.

As Ruposters wrote, the same book contains Trump’s story about the US plans to launch a nuclear strike on the DPRK. The US leadership did not rule out such an option during the aggravation of relations between the countries in 2017.