In the United States released a pedophile sentenced to 1000 years in prison

In the United States, a pedophile sentenced to 1,000 years in prison was released on parole.

It is reported by the New York Post.

Georgia-based Peter Mallory was released from prison after eight years in prison. According to the Court of Appeal, the man had already served a sufficient term, and three weeks later he was released. At the same time, the district prosecutor said that he “was powerless to stop” what is happening.

The man was arrested and charged with filing obscene pictures of children, faking evidence and invading privacy in 2011. Before the sentencing in 2012, the judge called the defendant “the most active collector of child pornography in the whole world.”

Mallory served as a member of the county commission and was the owner of an independent television station on the campus of West Georgia Technical College. On the computer, Mallory found more than 26 thousand files with child pornography.