In the United States, the Russian President set Trump as an example

11 months ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin is better prepared for meetings than U.S. leader Donald Trump. This was told by ABC John Bolton, who previously served as adviser to the President of the United States on national security, stated in a publication by RIA Novosti.

Bolton said the Russian president knows the people he has a conversation with. They were told that Putin remembers his desired goals and ponders the words.

Bolton also said that Putin has the level of training, thoroughness and planning that are simply impossible to associate with the current US leader.

On the eve of the former statesman of the United States, it was said that the Russian president has the conviction that he can easily manipulate Donald Trump. He made the assumption that the Russian leader is absolutely not worried about Trump.

He also called Putin a smart and tough leader of the country, who does not consider Trump a serious opponent. Bolton described Trump with the words “a stunningly uninformed person”, which his colleagues from other countries easily manipulate.

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