In the United States, the target of the Su-57 slave was named

In the United States, the target of the Su-57 slave was named

In the publication The Drive, the purpose of the heavy drone drone “Hunter”, considered the fifth generation fighter slave of the Su-57, is called the transfer of additional weapons.

The U.S. publication argues that deploying missiles on the UAV “increases the available arsenal of the fighter and potentially keeps it away from enemy aircraft and other threats.

The Drive notes that the placement of missiles in the interior compartments would preserve the low visibility of the Hunter, “which, at least in its present form, is called into question.

The publication suggests that the Su-57 slave could carry, for example, R-73, R-74M, K-74M2, R-77, K-77M and similar missiles.

In November, RIA Novosti, citing a source in the defense industry, reported that the Hunter was first tested with missiles.

At the same time, the military expert Viktor Murakhovsky said that the decision to use Okhotnik’s missile weapons would be made by the Su-57 pilot.

In August, the head of the United Aircraft Corporation Yuri Slyusar stated that the Russian Ministry of Defense would start receiving serial heavy shock and reconnaissance stealth drones “Okhotnik” from 2024.

In September 2019 the Ministry of Defense showed the first joint flight of “Hunter” and Su-57.

In August of the same year at the International Aviation and Space Salon 2019 (MAKS-2019) “Sukhoi” presented a model of the “Hunter”, different from the ongoing test flight specimen with a flat nozzle. At the same time, Vice-Premier Yuri Borisov stated that the “Hunter” will be tested for the next two or three years, and after 2024 the UAV “will go into series”.