In the United States there has been a redistribution of power

The US Democratic Party, while maintaining the current political situation, intends to arrange a redistribution of power not only through victory in the presidential election, but also through elections to Congress and in individual states, which will be held in parallel. This is written by Politico.

According to the authors of the publication and the experts interviewed by them, the Democrats thought that under the current conditions they are able to regain control of the Senate of Congress – the upper house of parliament, the majority of which are now owned by Republicans (53 out of 100 mandates), and also strengthen their position in House of Representatives, Lower House of Congress. According to political consultant Simon Rosenberg, one of the creators of the success of Democrats in the elections to the House of Representatives in 2018, the current situation is conducive to the possibility of gaining a new victory.

In addition, the Democratic Party intends to regain or consolidate the majority in local legislative bodies and, if possible, win the gubernatorial elections even in those states that have been traditionally republican in recent years, in particular in Texas and Georgia. “Right now we’re not ruling out anything,” said Anita Dunn, senior adviser to Joe Biden, a likely Democratic candidate in the presidential election. According to Politico, Democrats can launch a campaign if the ratings of incumbent President Donald Trump do not grow by the fall.

“This is not only a case every 20 years when the redistribution of [power] falls on the year of the presidential election, but also a unique opportunity when the president looks so weak,” the newspaper writes.

The Republican Party is skeptical of such opponents’ plans. Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker recalled that Democrats also gave similar predictions in 2016, when Trump outpaced former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. However, among Republicans there are those who recognize the possibility of the rise of the Democratic Party in 2020, even in conservative states such as Texas.

In November of this year in the United States, in addition to the presidential election, there will be regular elections to the House of Representatives, where all 435 congressmen will have to elect, and re-election of 35 Senators of Congress. In addition, gubernatorial elections will be held in 11 states and two unincorporated territories (American Samoa and Puerto Rico).