In the United States, they can execute a policeman who shot dead an African American in Atlanta

10 months ago

Former Atlanta police officer (USA, Georgia) Garrett Rolfe was charged with the murder of a 27-year-old black man Reishard Brooks.

The guy was shot during protests due to police intolerance towards other races.

It is indicated that Rolfe read out the charges of a criminal offense and assault with a firearm. The law enforcement officer faces life imprisonment or the death penalty in case of conviction.

The policeman was fired after the shooting. According to CNN, Rolfe worked in the police since 2013. He has had several complaints throughout his career. In particular, complaints about the use of force by him were received by the police in 2016, as a result of which the policeman received a reprimand.

As reported, the local police chief Erica Shields resigned due to the fact that racial riots broke out in the city. Protests swept the city on June 13 after a day earlier, 27-year-old Reichard Brooks was injured by a policeman. The black American then died in a hospital. The mayor of Atlanta criticized the actions of the police, after which Erica Shields announced her resignation.

The incident with an African American occurred on the night of June 13, at a fast food cafe. The local police reported obvious about a drunk driver who fell asleep at the wheel in a parking lot and, accordingly, blocked the road to other cars. The police arrived on call, and really found Brooks sleeping at the wheel. The alcohol test was positive. However, at the time of the test, an African American grabbed a stun gun from the hands of a policeman and tried to escape. On the run, he tried to shoot a shocker at a policeman. In response, the law enforcement officer used a service weapon.

Recall that the protests in America began after the death of black George Floyd. He died on May 25 during an arrest carried out with the use of force. The next day, hundreds of people took to the streets, many of them in masks with the words “I can not breathe” – these are the words the deceased spoke to the police.

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