In the United States, they found a double Jennifer Aniston (photo)

10 months ago

The girl became famous in social networks due to her striking resemblance to the actress

A red-haired blogger named Caitlin from the American city of Rocklin, California, has been running her Instagram page since 2017. The girl specializes in decoration, healthy nutrition, self-care and motherhood. However, popularity was brought to her not by lifestyle tips, but by her unusual appearance.

Users noticed that Caitlin is very similar to the popular Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, writes Daily Mail. They have the same eye color and facial features. In addition, Caitlin is the owner of similar hair and figure.

The popularity came to the blogger suddenly after her photo was published on her page by her stylist friend Stephanie Carrillo. Under the post of hairdresser, people began to write people who were convinced that Aniston was in the photo.

Caitlin and Jennifer are really similar, but, according to the blogger, she does not abuse this similarity and tries to adhere to her own style.

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