In the United States, Tony Ferguson’s hall was burnt during protests

11 months ago

Eddie Bravo, the trainer of the American mixed-style fighter Tony Ferguson, said that during the protests in Los Angeles, vandals burned one of the halls belonging to his brand.

“After five hours of security, someone threw a Molotov cocktail at a clothing store located in the same building. After a couple of minutes, the whole building was blazing with fire. Damn scary situation. We announced a fundraiser. We will be very grateful for any help, ”said the coach on his Instagram.

On May 25, African American George Floyd died due to police actions. An officer from Minneapolis Derek Chauvin pressed the man with his knee to the ground, ignoring the detainee’s words that he could not breathe. Subsequently, an African American died in a hospital. This incident hit the video and caused a series of protests and riots in the United States.

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