11 months ago

In the United States, Trump’s main rival in the presidential election has finally been determined

11 months ago

Joseph Biden was able to secure enough votes from delegates for the upcoming Democratic Party Congress to run for the presidential election in November.

This is reported by American media.

Experts interviewed by journalists note that according to the results of the primary elections held on June 2 in a number of US states, Biden now has 1,993 votes. Moreover, in order to become a presidential candidate in the first round of voting at the congress, the applicant needs to enlist the support of 1,991 delegates.

Post-June 2 ballot processing in some states was only completed on June 5. Following the results of processing, the votes of delegates will be distributed.

After Senator Bernie Sanders walked out of the Democrats ’election race on April 8, Biden had virtually no rivals in the fight to run for president. However, Biden did not yet have the required number of votes to nominate.

The congress of the US Democratic Party, where Biden can be called a presidential candidate, will be held August 17−20.

The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has already received a sufficient number of party congress delegates to nominate a Republican candidate.

US presidential elections will be held on November 3.

As reported by the Apostrophe, earlier in Ukraine a scandal erupted around the so-called “Derkach films”. We are talking about audio recordings of negotiations between people whose voices are very similar to the voices of former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and former US Vice President Joe Biden.

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