In the US, a policeman pointed a gun at black teens

11 months ago

A policeman in American Jonesboro, Georgia, pointed a gun at six black teenagers after a call from a store owner who intended to charge them with theft and claimed to have a gun.

The incident occurred on Monday, June 15, the store owner called the police after he noticed a group of black teenagers who were cursing in the parking lot, he also stated that one of them was holding an object that looked like a gun, and they were trying to steal.

Arriving at the scene, a policeman pointed a weapon at the teenagers and forced them to raise their arms above their heads, ordering them not to move. Nearby local residents stood up for the children, they appealed to the law enforcement officer with a request “not to shoot”, but the policeman turned to the indignant people and asked “not to interfere with him doing his work and to understand what is happening.”

Then the policeman, along with a colleague, began to search the teenagers. The crowd of residents around us, outraged by the actions of law enforcement officers, grew. The officer was forced to call for reinforcements and push the crowd. It is noted that no weapons were found with the children, the police suggest that they got rid of it.

This conflict ended peacefully, no shots followed, and the teenagers were not charged. The police department said that in connection with reports of the possession of weapons by one of the alleged criminals, the officer approached them with a gun in his hands, and also demanded to demonstrate that the children did not carry weapons.

At the end of May in the USA, 46-year-old African American George Floyd died as a result of tough police actions, after which protests began in Minneapolis (Minnesota), which then took place throughout the country. Peaceful actions escalated into riots and clashes with the police.

On June 12, police tried to detain 27-year-old Reichard Brooks, who was in a car at a fast food restaurant. The African American began to resist, took away the stun gun from the police and, allegedly, tried to use it against law enforcement officers. One of the policemen injured Brooks, who died in the hospital.

The Brooks death caused a second wave of protests in Atlanta. After that, the chief of the city police, Erica Shields, resigned.

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