In the US, a sharp increase in crime. The worst situation is in Chicago and New York.

According to the U.S. police, there are more gun killings in American cities than in the previous year. Experts believe that this is due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the provoked economic crisis.

During the epidemic, police in American cities are faced not only with protests and social unrest, but also with a new problem: a sharp increase in the number of violent crimes, writes Fox News. This also applies to gun killings. Experts attribute this to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. Disappointment caused by job loss, death of loved ones and restrictions in social life should contribute to increased aggression.

The problem especially concerns areas where residents have statistically lower incomes and belong to ethnic minorities. This is where gun killings are the biggest problem. Data on an increase in serious crime trickled into many parts of the United States in July – worst in Chicago and New York.

There have been over 600 gun-related crimes in New York since the beginning of the year.

In the largest city in the state of Illinois, 31 murders were recorded between July 6 and 12. There were six of them over the same period in 2019. For all of 2020, 385 people were killed in Chicago. This is almost twice as much as the data for the first half of last year.

In New York, there have been 634 incidents since the beginning of the year, according to police data for July. At the same time, there were 394 such incidents last year. This summer, New York City police increased the number of street patrols – traditionally the most hectic time of the year in the city.

The number of firearm killings is growing in major US cities

Alarming homicide figures in the US are also higher than a year ago, also in Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Atlanta. In the latter city, an eight-year-old girl was shot dead on July 8, on US Independence Day. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told Yahoo that the rise in statistics is linked to the coronavirus epidemic, drug trafficking despair and gang wars. He says this is the worst year in the city in five years in terms of kill statistics.