In the US, police washed their feet by African American pastors and prayed for forgiveness for the sins of their ancestors

11 months ago

At a unity prayer meeting in Cary, North Carolina, last weekend, white cops washed their feet for African American religious leaders and prayed for forgiveness for the sins of their ancestors, who had enslaved African Americans for centuries.

The scene was rich in religious symbolism in a state where three quarters of the inhabitants consider themselves Christians. Jesus washed the feet of his 12 disciples as a sign of humility and service to others. The founders of Legacy Center Church Soboma and Faith Wokoma noted that the churches have a long history of upholding social justice.

Soboma Vokoma said that this event was not a protest against police brutality and systemic racism, but was designed to talk to each other in order to know exactly what the problems were. “So that together we can find solutions that can help heal our nation, our land and our community,” the pastor added. Mayor Carey Laurie Bush tweeted photos of unity prayer walk.

“Washing the feet is a shame for the whole country,” one user wrote. – This is not about unity or racism. This is public humiliation for the sake of their goals, social pressure and intimidation to ensure obedience. I am ashamed to live in Carey. ” The mayor replied: “As far as I understand, the process of washing the feet comes from Christian roots. I do not see anything humiliating in this. Just love”.

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