In the US, protesters collect signatures for the demolition of the monument to Lincoln, who freed the slaves

10 months ago

In Boston, the movement for the demolition of the monument to 16th US President Abraham Lincoln, in which slavery was abolished, is gaining strength.

About 10 thousand Americans have already signed a petition created by a black citizen of the city of Tori Bullock. He proposes to remove the Emancipation Memorial, which depicts a standing Lincoln and a dark-skinned man on his knees with broken shackles on his wrists.

“He should personify freedom, but instead represents us still below someone else. If he is free, why is he still on his knees? No child should ever ask such a question,” Bullock explains in the petition. A man without clothes, with chains cannot represent equality, he is sure.

The mayor of Boston supports this position. The city authorities are considering not only the option of demolishing the monument, but also the option of modifying it, in which it was more in line with the spirit of equality and freedom.

Abraham Lincoln is the 16th president of the United States, in which slavery was abolished in the United States in 1862. He also signed the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, prohibiting forced labor.

Monuments to the Confederates and even Columbus are now being massively demolished in the United States. The discoverer of America has become the main enemy because it is associated with the genocide of the indigenous population. Malek Dudakov wrote for Ruposters about how a protest against police violence outgrew from the war with the “shameful” US history.

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