In the US, the number of detained rioters exceeded 10 thousand.

11 months ago

In the United States, the number of people detained in protests after the recent killing of 46-year-old black man in Minneapolis by the police exceeded 10 thousand people. About this today, June 4, the Associated Press reported.

To suppress riots, the US National Guard is often connected to the police, currently about 30 thousand soldiers are involved in 31 states and the metropolitan area of ​​Columbia. In about 40 cities, including Washington and New York, curfews have been imposed.

More than a quarter of all detentions are in Los Angeles, California. Followed by New York, Dallas (Texas) and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). Many detainees were charged with minor offenses, for example, non-compliance with curfew rules. At the same time, as noted by AP, hundreds of protesters were arrested on charges of theft or looting.

It should be noted that amid the unrest in the United States, the actions of the “solidarity and repentance” of the white liberal public before the blacks, the descendants of those who suffered from slavery and apartheid politics, became fashionable. On the eve, even police officers joined in apologizing – in several cities they knelt down, however, they apologized not for discrimination against blacks, but for the cruelty of colleagues from Minneapolis.

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