In the US, they thought about conducting the first nuclear test since 1992

12 months ago

The US Presidential Administration last week discussed the possibility of conducting the first nuclear test since 1992, the Washington Post reports citing sources.

According to the sources of the publication, this issue was raised on May 15 at a meeting of representatives of departments in charge of national security. Nevertheless, an agreement to conduct the test was not reached – discussions will continue. As a result, it was decided at the meeting to apply other measures in response to the threats emanating, in Washington’s opinion, from China and the Russian Federation.

A newspaper source in the administration emphasized that such “rapid tests” would demonstrate to Moscow and Beijing the capabilities of the United States and play a positive role in negotiations on control of nuclear missile weapons.

However, proponents of nuclear non-proliferation believe that the resumption of nuclear testing can lead to destabilizing consequences. “This will be an invitation for other nuclear-weapon countries to follow this example. […] This would be a go-ahead for an unprecedented arms race. It would also undermine negotiations with DPRK leader Kim Jong-un,” said the head of the American Arms Control Association. Daryl Kimball.

The National Security Council at the White House declined to comment on this information.

On May 16, it became known that the United States could deploy its nuclear weapons in Poland if Germany decided to reduce its arsenal on its territory.

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