In the US, they will raise money for trump tweets to prevent him from winning the election

10 months ago

Activists and organizations supporting the Democratic Party of the United States set up a Tweet victory political committee to raise money for a campaign against the re-election of Donald Trump as head of state. It is reported by ABC with reference to the author of the initiative Xander Schulz.

He explained that the idea is for users to donate 1 to 10 cents for every Trump post on Twitter. These donations will be transferred on his behalf to a fund that unites 15 African-American political organizations and aims to reduce the Republican’s chances of winning the election.

“The more hatred you spread, the worse your chances of being re-elected,” Schultz said.

According to him, Trump makes an average of 30 entries per day on Twitter. Thus, activists expect that everyone who joins the initiative will donate about $ 45 a month, which by November will bring from $ 50 million to $ 100 million.

The US presidential election is due on November 3. The main candidates are Republican Donald Trump and former US Vice President Democrat Joe Biden.

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