11 months ago

In the US, worried about the unmanned regime of the Su-57

11 months ago

The American side was concerned about reports that the promising Russian Su-57 fighter could get an unmanned regime, writes Popular Mechanics.

The authors of the material are asking how this aircraft can become unmanned.

“Either the Su-57 used for unmanned tests is a two-seat option, or the aircraft is controlled remotely using software,” the newspaper writes.

The publication notes that the Russian aviation industry lags behind foreign competitors in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, however, “Moscow is struggling to catch up.”

It is, in particular, that the Su-57 is working out actions in conjunction with the S-70 “Hunter” guided drone.

Earlier in May, RIA Novosti, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, announced the development of an unmanned regime during testing of the Su-57. At the same time, there is a pilot in the cockpit, which, according to the interlocutor, “only controls the performance of all functions.”

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