In the USA, a man received a check of federal “coronavirus” aid for $ 5

11 months ago

A resident of Bay View (Wisconsin) was amazed when he received his “coronavirus” stimulus check from the government and found that some of the numbers were “missing.”

According to Clark Randall, instead of a check for $ 1,200, he received a check for only $ 5.60. “And there were no accompanying documents or explanations as to where this figure came from,” the man added.

Rendall said the IRS contacted him back in March about the missing tax document, which he quickly sent. Since then, he has not received a federal income tax refund, but if the document had affected anything, it would have been his refund, and it would have been several hundred dollars, rather than a stimulating check during a pandemic.

He tried to get answers, but to no avail. “There is an IRS phone number, but you call it and you are answered that there are no free operators,” Clark Randall said. An IRS spokesperson told reporters that they could not comment on individual cases, only added that they would send a letter within 15 days from the date of payment explaining the amount.

But Randall never received this letter and has no idea what to do with the “ridiculous” check. “Maybe I’ll send them back,” he said. “Let’s see if I can get any explanation from them.”

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