In the USA, a man who introduced himself as a UFC fighter opened fire: eight people were injured

In San Antonio there was a resonant crime. A man who was not allowed into one of the bars of the city because of heavy alcohol intoxication, started shooting. At the same time, he introduced himself as a UFC fighter from California.

When the criminal and his several friends were denied access to the institution, the man went to his car, took a gun out of him and fired. Eight people were injured: five women and three men aged 23 to 41 years.

They were all hospitalized, but no one has a life threat, since the bullets did not enter vital organs. As for the criminal, he disappeared from the scene and now the police are studying all the available data to establish his identity.

“The world is going crazy. Of course, I heard about it. I hope this is not so. Do you know how many bald men seem to be Dana White ?! These are just incredible stories. I hope this is the same situation,” said UFC President Dana White, making it clear that not a single fighter of his organization is related to what happened.