In the USA, because of quarantine, an invasion of evil and hungry rats began

12 months ago

In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that rats are becoming more aggressive and even resort to cannibalism due to quarantined restaurants.

According to experts, the behavior of rats and other rodents has become more aggressive due to the lack of food that they used to find next to restaurants and other establishments. With a closed metro and bars, the plentiful supply of food that people leave is now a rare treat.

The situation is becoming so serious that the CDC issued new recommendations warning people about “aggressive rodent behavior.”

“Closing the entire community has reduced the amount of food available to rodents, especially in tight commercial areas. Some jurisdictions report an increase in rodent activity as they seek new food sources,” the CDC said.

The centers recommend that homeowners and restaurant owners check their properties and close gaps where rats could crawl through and feast on garbage.

“Follow established recommendations when cleaning after a strong invasion of pests to prevent the emergence of diseases transmitted by rodents,” the recommendation says.

Last month, there were also cases when rats resorted to cannibalism, because finding food is becoming increasingly difficult. Rats also fight over areas where food is still left.

“The same thing happens in human history when people try to take over land, and they come with armies to fight for land. And this is what happens to rats,” says rodentologist Bobby Corrigan.

Several U.S. cities, including New Orleans, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, are trying to contain the rat population. Rodents return to the newly cleared streets in search of food.

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