In the USA in a lottery played a jackpot of more than half a billion dollars

The ticket of a lottery of Mega Millions which won a jackpot of 530 million dollars is sold in the American State of California, organizers report.
One ticket in California won MegaMillions jackpot of 530 million dollars”, – it is said on official Twitter account of a lottery.
The draw of a lottery was held on Friday evening local time. In the ticket sold in California all figures necessary for a jackpot prize – 17, 19, 27, 40, 68 and “mega-sphere” 2 coincided.
In October of last year Mega Millions raffled a record jackpot in the history of a lottery – more than 1.5 billion dollars. The ticket which won this sum was sold in the American State of South Carolina. It is known that it was bought by the woman who wished to remain an unknown.
Tickets of a lottery of Mega Millions which inhabitants of 44 states and also the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands can play are on sale in the USA since 1996.