In the USA, people neglected restrictions and went to the beaches on Memorial Day.

11 months ago

Police dispersed unauthorized gatherings of hundreds of people.
Americans flocked to beaches and lakes on weekends and Memorial Day, while neglecting the restrictions imposed on the fight against coronavirus. It is reported by the Air Force.

In Florida, state police broke up an unauthorized gathering of hundreds of people on Dayton Beach on Saturday. In Missouri, bars on Lake Ozark were crowded with holidaymakers who violated social distance rules.

In the Tampa area of ​​Florida, crowds were so large that authorities closed parking lots as they were full. In California, large crowds were seen on the beaches. Although officials claimed that most people covered their faces and kept their distance at beaches and parks.

Deborah Birks, the head of the US coronavirus task force, said she was very concerned about watching these events: “We really want to make it clear all the time that social distance is absolutely critical. And if you cannot distance yourself from society, but are outside, you must wear masks. ”

Memorial Day is an annual holiday held on the last Monday of May. On this day, those who died in service in the US Armed Forces are honored. This marks the unofficial start of summer.

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