10 months ago

In the USA, protesters demolished the Columbus monument and threw it into the water

10 months ago

The statue of Christopher Columbus was demolished and thrown into the water in a park in Virginia on Tuesday evening, June 9

About 1,000 protesters gathered at Byrd Park in Richmond, Virginia, where they used ropes to knock over a statue of the Spanish navigator. “We have to start where it all began,” activist Chelsea Higgs-Wise told Richmond Times-Dispatch. “We must start with the people who stood first on this earth.” Protesters surrounded the statue, holding posters in their hands.

On one of them was the inscription: “Columbus is genocide.” After the chant “Tear her down!” demonstrators used a rope to bring down an 8-foot statue. The group then dragged the statue about 200 feet and threw it into the park lake. We will remind, earlier the judge in Virginia forbade the demolition of the monument to Confederate General Robert Lee in the same Richmond.

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