In the USA, there is a sharp increase in COVID incidence in the southern and western states. In China, there are patients for the first time in 50 days

11 months ago

In more than 12 US states, there has been a significant increase in the number of patients with coronavirus. In some states – in Arizona, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida – outbreaks occurred following the abolition of the “lockdown”, and experts say that the removal of restrictions was one of the triggers of a new wave of the disease.

Despite this, Donald Trump and the state leaders do not look too worried and said they were not going to return restrictions.

Take Florida, for example. In this state, the “lockdown” was introduced on April 3, when there were 6820 new cases there in a week. The restrictions were canceled on May 4. And a week from June 4 to 11 in Florida there were already 8886 new patients.

In Arizona, 13.3% of the tests tested on June 12 gave a positive result, which is three times the national average.

The US pandemic began in the northeast, in the states of new England, and moved southwest. Therefore, in the southern and western states, COVID is now on the rise, and in New York and New Jersey, where there was a peak in early April, the number of patients is constantly decreasing in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Indiana and other eastern and northern states.

In China, seven cases of coronavirus have been detected in the food market in Beijing. These are the first cases of infection not brought from outside in almost the last two months. The market was closed and disinfected, according to Xinhua News Agency. As a result, on Saturday, Chinese authorities announced a “lockdown” in several areas of the capital.

The PRC Ministry of Health reported another five cases of coronavirus, but these people came from abroad.

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