In the video, a passerby knocked down a 92-year-old woman in broad daylight

11 months ago

Last Friday, June 12, a 92-year-old woman was the victim of a brutal attack in broad daylight: an unknown person knocked her down in the Gramercy Park area (Manhattan)

The recording from the surveillance cameras shows that when the victim and the man caught up, he unexpectedly hit her on the head, after which the victim fell to the ground, almost bumping into the fire hydrant. The attacker, in turn, moved on as if nothing had happened – in front of a shocked eyewitness. Although the victim was injured in the fall, doctors report that she is recovering. The search for the attacker is still ongoing. His motives are not known.

The incident bears some resemblance to the dangerous trend of 2017, when groups of attackers attacked strangers in the middle of the street. Then, several people were arrested for hate crimes.

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