In the video, the dog goes to the owner in slow motion, knowing that she will be punished

11 months ago

Most pets, feeling that the owner is about to start scolding them, rush off at all costs – however, a dog named Renault from Paragulda (Arkansas) acted a little differently

In the video shot by one of the owners, the disgruntled owner demands that the dog “immediately approached” him. Wagging his tail, Renault obediently begins to approach – but in slow motion. The dog carefully and extremely slowly rearranges its paws, as if moving along a minefield, while behind the scenes someone bursts out with a loud laugh. “This is what happens when you chewed things on the table in the absence of mom and dad, and you understand what will happen to you. – the owner of the dog signed a 30-second video published online. “Renault knows that it’s in trouble.”

Surprisingly, according to veterinarians, this behavior has almost nothing to do with fear of punishment. It is called a trance (or “ghostly walking”) and is often observed in some dogs when they pass under the leaves of trees, tablecloths, or clothing that barely touches their backs. A trance is not a sign of any neurological disorder – so if your dog suddenly starts moving in slow motion, there is nothing to worry about.

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