In the video, the policeman bravely threw himself into the water, rescuing the boy from the shark

In Florida, an off-duty police officer rushed into the ocean to rescue a child – when he saw a shark heading towards him. One of the eyewitnesses managed to capture an amazing moment on video.

On Thursday, Adrian Kosicki was walking along the beach with his wife when he noticed a boy swimming in shallow water, and then noticed a rapidly approaching shark. A passer-by’s footage shows her fin slicing through the water as she moves towards the child. “Hey buddy, there’s a shark!” The man shouts.

Fortunately, Kosicki found his bearings instantly. The man threw himself into the water and, grabbing the boy, pulled him ashore. Judging by the video, by the time they got to land, the shark was already a few steps away from the baby. “We are far from being marine biologists,” the Coco Beach Police Department commented on the incident, “we just do what we do best: protect citizens.” “Thanks to Adrian, we will never know what the shark’s intentions were, and the boy will have a fascinating story to remember. Great job!”