6 months ago

In the West, the dollar is expected to collapse if Biden wins the US elections

6 months ago

Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election threatens the global economy with a “blue wave” and a collapse of the dollar. Such a forecast was made by analysts of the investment bank Goldman Sachs, RIA Novosti reports.

According to experts, after the US elections, financial markets will be covered by a “blue wave” – ​​a reaction to a possible victory of a Democratic candidate (blue is the unofficial color of the party). This will provoke a sharp collapse of the American currency.

According to experts, the dollar can strengthen only if Donald Trump wins and is successfully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Since March, the US government has been slowly killing the currency, investing about $ 3 trillion in the economy. The investment bank advises its investors to get rid of investments in dollars as soon as possible, and also to pay attention to another international currency.

“The real test is yet to come,” said Goldman Sachs officials, referring to the upcoming elections.

According to their forecasts, Biden’s victory will result in a return to two-year lows of the dollar index.

Earlier, Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin, in an interview with journalist Andrei Karaulov, predicted a collapse of the dollar in November. According to his forecast, after the presidential elections, the exchange rate of the American currency may reach 50 rubles.

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