In Turkey, explained why the S-400 complexes have not yet been commissioned

As you know, Turkey acquired from Russia two divisional sets of modern S-400 air defense systems. The total value of the transaction amounted to 2.5 billion US dollars, of which more than half covered the loan provided by Russia.

This deal has become a real stumbling block between official Ankara and Washington, since the United States will threaten Turkey with new sanctions if the S-400 is put on duty. The Turkish authorities, in turn, respond by not intending to abandon modern defensive weapons to please the United States.

Russia has fulfilled its obligations under a deal with Turkey. The complexes were delivered and some tests were even carried out. It was officially announced that anti-aircraft missile systems would be on duty in April 2020. It’s already July, and the S-400 continues to stand idle without having to go on duty. What is the problem?

In Turkey, they explained why the S-400 systems have not yet been commissioned. Fighter Jets World was published with rather interesting information, citing data from the Turkish defense department and Turkish media.

It turns out that the fact is that the complexes are still being tested. As you know, the S-400s are deployed at Myrted Air Base near the Turkish capital. The first systems tests were conducted back in 2019 using the F-16 and F-4 fighters of the Turkish Air Force. In addition, Turkish anti-aircraft gunners must also carry out practical firing.

Testing is ongoing. It is hypothesized that such a long test period is due to the fact that Turkey wants to test the S-400 in conjunction with a 5th generation fighter. And here a number of questions arise in the reliability of the information provided.

Firstly, for the simple reason that Turkey has already been thrown out of the program for the F-35 fighter, which is precisely the fifth generation. Official Ankara cannot even get paid planes.

So, the only 5th generation aircraft available to Turkey automatically becomes only the Russian Su-57. It is not known when she will receive it, and whether it will receive it at all due to recent events on the world geopolitical scene.

Secondly, it seems that Turkey specifically acquired the S-400 from Russia for the long term. Not for arming, but for bargaining. East is a delicate matter. It turns out, but inactive S-400 are also a formidable weapon. Only economic in nature!

Yes, Turkey has spent a lot of money. But the same US president, Donald Trump, from the very beginning offered Erdogan a trade deal between the countries in the amount of $ 100 billion. This is a lot. Yes, this is not direct investment, but the money so necessary for the Turkish economy.

And here, in general, American senators in all seriousness offer to allocate Turkey as much as 10 billion dollars. As an aid. Just for refusing to put S-400 on duty. Yet 10 billion more than the money spent on the purchase of air defense systems. Therefore, the bargaining will continue!