In USA 10 thousand restaurants will be closed in 3 weeks

In USA 10 thousand restaurants will be closed in 3 weeks

Throughout America, 10,000 restaurants will close in the next 3 weeks. About 17% of restaurants in America have already ceased to exist this year, and, according to the new report, thousands more are on the verge of complete bankruptcy.

The National Restaurant Association publicly calls on Congress to take new measures to help the food service industry affected by the pandemic. The group said on Monday that 10,000 restaurants could close within the next three weeks, in addition to the 110,000 that have already closed in 2020.

The group published the results of a survey of 6,000 restaurant owners, which showed that 87 percent of full-service restaurants reported a 36 percent fall in revenue on average, while 83 percent expected sales to be “even worse” over the next three months as the virus continues to torment the United States.

“The restaurant industry simply can’t wait any longer for the pandemic to end,” said Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of the group. He advocates a “true compromise” between competing Democrat and Republican proposals and hopes for a larger stimulus package in 2021 under Biden’s new administration.

Indoor lunch limits in some states and other bans, such as lockdown, have severely damaged the industry. Several national networks declared bankruptcy this year, including Ruby Friday’s and California Pizza Kitchen.