In Washington, a man killed an ex-wife’s boyfriend, after which he shot himself

On Tuesday, June 9, a man killed his ex-wife’s boyfriend at her place of work, after which he committed suicide

The incident occurred in Lakewood, Washington, near St. Claire’s Hospital at 7:45 a.m. An armed man, a woman and her boyfriend left the mission to talk, after which the suspect shot the ex-wife’s guy several times and shot himself. Upon arrival, police discovered two men lying on the ground. The woman remained unharmed.

The shooter died on the spot, the second man received many gunshot wounds and, unfortunately, died in the hospital, reports Fox News. The woman was an employee of the hospital, her boyfriend also worked there. She told the police that she and her husband were in the process of divorce.

Later, CHI Franciscan, a clinic operator, made a statement: “This morning there was an incident with a shooting in a parking lot at St. Clare Hospital. We are cooperating with law enforcement agencies in their investigation and found out that one of our employees was mortally wounded, and the shooter also died after he committed suicide.

We confirmed that all other employees and patients were safe, and this was an isolated case. At that time, the hospital was closed for a short time, now it is completely open. We take the personal safety of our employees, patients and visitors very seriously. Our thoughts and prayers apply to affected families and colleagues. ”