In Wisconsin, 4 white guys set fire to a black girl when she stopped at a traffic light

10 months ago

Madison Police, Wisconsin, is investigating an attack by four white men on a girl of interracial origin as a hate crime. According to the victim, the attackers shouted out the word “no ** er” before dousing it with unknown liquid and setting it on fire.

According to the police report, the incident occurred when the victim – 18-year-old Altea Bernstein – was driving in a car and stopped at a traffic light. Suddenly, someone screamed at the girl. After that, a group of four men sprayed Bernstein onto the face and neck with an unknown liquid using an aerosol can and threw a lighter into it – which led to a fire.

The girl added that the attackers, as it seemed to her, were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Althea admits that after that “she just clicked on the gas and drove on.” “I felt that I should get out of here as far as possible. – the girl recalls. “I rode onto the red and drove on until I reached my brother’s house.” After that, the girl was taken to a hospital, where doctors treated her burns.

According to Altea, she experienced “incredible pain.” “At first I could not believe what had happened. – says Bernstein – I grew up in Madison. I have left so many happy memories of this city, and now nothing will be the same as before. ” “I would never have thought that someone would hate me for the way I look. I did not know these guys, but they did me. I just drove the car and didn’t touch anyone. ”

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