In Wuhan there are no asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus left

Chinese Wuhan authorities said no asymptomatic coronavirus carriers remained in the city. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the city health committee.

It is noted that on June 15, not a single asymptomatic carrier was detected, and not a single person who came into contact with the infected fell into the observation. The last three asymptomatic patients passed two negative virus tests and were quarantined.

“To date, the number of asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus infection in Wuhan has been reduced to zero,” the report said.

Previously, coronavirus was discovered in one of Beijing’s largest wholesale food markets, Xinfadi. SARS-CoV-2 was found on a board that is used to cut imported salmon. It turned out that the infected fish entered the market from the closed Jingshen seafood market, where the outbreak of the virus had previously been identified.

Wuhan was the first city in which, in December 2019, an outbreak of COVID-19 pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus was recorded. At the same time, the South China Morning Post newspaper, citing government documents, claimed that the first case there was recorded at least in November.