Independent autopsy identified George Floyd’s death as murder

11 months ago

Independent experts hired by the George Floyd family and the Hennepin County Coroner concluded that the death of an African American was a murder, but they disagree about what caused her.

An independent autopsy revealed that Floyd died of “suffocation from constant pressure” when his neck and back were squeezed by Minneapolis police officers during his arrest last week. Pressure shut off the flow of blood to his brain. The city forensic office believes that the cause of death is a “cardiopulmonary attack and neck compression”. This means that Floyd’s heart could not stand it, but the city forensic expert did not mention strangulation – it refers more to heart problems, but an independent check did not confirm this.

Traces of fentanyl and methamphetamine were also found in Floyd’s blood, but it does not say what the concentration of the substances was, and how this affected his condition. “Whether he was intoxicated or had drugs in his system is not related to the cause of death, which is murder,” Floyd’s family lawyer Antonio Romanucci told CNN.

A lot of videos about Floyd’s death show how policeman Derek Chowen twisted Floyd on the ground and crushed his neck with his knee. Other officers helped to keep the man. Chowen crushed his knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, including almost 3 minutes after Floyd passed out.

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