Indians in the US drink too much and do not pay taxes

Native American reservations do not live quite like the rest of the United States.

Surprisingly, in today’s reality, when a descendant of Europeans is afraid to say a word towards a descendant of Africans, everyone forgot about those on whose land they generally live. In Indian society they prefer not to notice the Indian problem. And why not notice, because the Indians in the United States mainly live on reservations. Although some part is present in ordinary American society.

Reservations themselves are unique territories that are usually located in deserts or in some difficult areas for development. In general, where the average American does not go live. But the Indians are forced to live there.

How is life on reservations
We can say with confidence that life there is not sugar. As a rule, reservation is poverty, violation of the law, low level of culture, medicine and education. In general, in terms of living standards, these territories are somehow not the USA at all, but something at the level of South America. Of course, in some places the Indians live very well, but basically everything is not so.

At the same time, statistics show that the level of drunkenness in these places is much higher than that for the United States as a whole. Faster than Indians in the States, only Eskimos drink in Alaska.

Native American Business
However, for residents of reservations significantly reduced taxes, or even completely exempted from them. And not only individuals, but also business. It is not surprising that gambling establishments are successfully developing in these territories, and now many Americans go here, and not to Las Vegas.

Not surprisingly, many Americans do not like this, as these institutions could replenish the state budgets. However, while the “tax haven” continues to operate there.