Inspired by a Country Music Star Song Metallica

Metallica is America’s most iconic metal band. They put “metal” in their name. Many metal bands find inspiration from heavy topics such as death, war, and religion. James Hetfield, the primary lyricist of the band, finds some songs to be very personal. It is easy to forget that James Hetfield admires many of the artists of the outlaw country movement from the 60s and 1970s.

Heavy metal and country western music are often viewed as being at opposite ends of the spectrum. Country music relies more on fast shredding and heavy chords, while heavy metal is more traditional and focuses on storytelling. Many country musicians have amazing stories. There is a lot of overlap in the themes of heavy metal and country music’s subject matter.

 These were outcasts who were often abused drugs and alcohol, and they were fearful of the musical and social establishment. It’s not surprising that James Hetfield became close friends with Waylon Jennings, one of the most prominent figures in country music. Hetfield had interviewed Jennings on a radio program and the two became friends. Hetfield shared this information with Metallica’s website.

“The first time that I met Waylon was when college radio stations wanted to bring the two outlaws together. They thought it would be a good idea for me to interview him.”

Hetfield mourned publicly the death of Jennings in 2002. Hetfield publicly mourned the loss of Jennings in 2002. The song “Don’t You Think This Outlaw bit’s Done Got Out Of Hand” actually came from a real incident in which Jennings was stopped by DEA agents. They had traced a package with cocaine to the studio.

They were able to flush it out before the agents found it].” Jennings allegedly told Hetfield about a time when his family was vacationing in Jamaica. Jennings was at a bar when he saw a Jamaican man staring at him. Waylon started to get angry and even wanted to fight the local gentleman. Jennings would discover that the man was not always staring at him. He was simply really high and was looking in his general direction. But he wasn’t focusing on anything.

Jennings learned a lot from the incident about perception. Hetfield kept the story and made a song out of it that would be on “Load” in 1996. It would be a song that became a bit of an inspiration for people who are often upset by their assumptions about others or situations.

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