11 months ago

Inventors created a remote-controlled mask where you can eat

11 months ago

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Inventors from Israel developed the Coronavirus mask on the remote control, which allows eaters to eat without removing the mask. According to them, the new invention will make restaurant visits less risky.

Pressing the lever (almost as when the rider controls the brakes) opens a hole in the front of the mask so that you can put a piece of food in your mouth. The process may become a little less tidy in case of ice cream or sauces, but most pieces of harder food can be swallowed as Pac-Man in a known game.


“The mask will open mechanically with a remote control or automatically when the plug is brought to the mouth,” said Asaf Jitelis, vice president of Avtipus Patents and Inventions, demonstrating the development in his office near Tel Aviv on Monday. “Then you can eat, enjoy, drink, and when you remove the fork, the mask will close again and you will be protected from the virus and other people sitting with you. The company says they plan to start producing masks within a few months and have already applied for a patent. They noted that the mask is likely to be sold 3-10 shekels ($0.85-2.85) above the price of a simple blue medical mask that most people in Israel wear.

Near the Juice Bar in Tel Aviv, Reuters showed shoppers a mobile video showing how the mask works. It is worth noting that opinions on the mask are divided. “I think the mask that lets me eat while I’m still wearing it is an important thing,” said Ofir Hameiri, a 32-year-old graduate student. And here’s Ron Silberstein, a 29-year-old musician eating an ice cream cone, said: “I don’t think such a mask can handle such ice cream – it drips everywhere. I wouldn’t want to wear it after that”. Israel has largely rebuilt its economy after a dramatic drop in new coronavirus infections. Restaurants are open at the moment, but they are just taking orders for dishes to take with them.

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