iOS update ruined iPhone battery life

3 weeks ago

iPhone users have complained about the decline of smartphone battery life after the update.

Complaints about the decline in iPhone battery life began to appear after the release of iOS 14.6. This update, which added support for subscriptions in the built-in application “Podcasts”. Judging by the messages on the Apple forum, users of different smartphone models are talking about the problems. Devices either run out of power very quickly or become hot while in use.

Journalists have noted that usually after installing the update iPhone may work unstable, because it needs time to perform some service tasks. However, the problems should not last longer than a couple of days and ruin the user experience. Experts have found a way to fix the problems – according to them, the decline in battery life is due to the Podcasts app.

iOS update ruined iPhone battery life

“We analyzed iOS 14.6 and found that one of the culprits is the Podcasts service,” the authors said. According to them, removing the app solved the problem. The journalists advised to delete the corresponding program from the iPhone until Apple fixes the situation.

Earlier, users of Apple smartphones described a way to render any iPhone unusable. To do this, you need to set the Beirut local time on the phone and select the capital of Lebanon in the device settings. The problem was noticed after the release of iOS 14.4.