Iowa Police Bans Strangulation

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a law banning police officers from using asphyxiation, CNN reported.

“The thousands of Iowa residents who took to the streets demanding reform to put an end to discrimination on the basis of skin color, I want to say that this is not the end of our work. This is only the beginning, ”these are the words of the governor at the ceremony of signing the bill.

The television company emphasizes that the bill, which, after receiving the approval of the governor, has become law, provides for a ban on the use of asphyxiation by police during detention. In addition, he imposes a ban on the employment of former law enforcement officers in the state if they were fired for disciplinary offenses. However, the state prosecutor’s office is empowered to institute criminal proceedings against police officers if their actions result in the death of a person.

Earlier, similar bans were introduced in a number of American cities, including Phoenix and Houston, Portland, Seattle.

Recall, on Monday, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill on a broad police reform. In particular, the draft law proposes to ban strangulation.

The newspaper LOOK gave details of the riots in the United States that broke out after the death of African American George Floyd due to the actions of a policeman.