10 months ago

IPhone 12 Confirmed

10 months ago

The release of the new iPhone may be disrupted. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the executive director of the partner Apple Broadcom.

The agency refers to a telephone conversation between Broadcom CEO Hock Tan, held between a senior manager and analysts on Thursday. Tang said the “mainstream product was delayed” by the “major mobile phone manufacturer in North America.” Journalists believe that Hawk Tan had in mind the transfer of the release of the iPhone.

“This year we do not expect revenue growth until the fourth financial quarter,” the top manager confirmed the fears in a conversation with analysts. According to Tan, the delay was caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which caused Apple engineers and partner companies to work from home. Broadcom’s executive director noted that “nothing will change” in the new product, either in terms of design or in terms of hardware.

Broadcom is an American semiconductor company also involved in wired and wireless communications. The agency emphasized that smartphone manufacturers usually order components for the device a few months before the release of the product.

In late April, informed sources of The Wall Street Journal announced that the release of new Apple smartphones will be delayed. The reasons were called the weakening global demand for smartphones due to the pandemic and the increase in orders for the assembly of devices from other manufacturers of gadgets.

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