iPhone 12 has a broken cellular network

iPhone 12 has a broken cellular network

Some new Apple smartphones have had problems with cellular communication.

Judging by posts on forums, the problem was found on the iPhone 12 series gadgets. In some cases, the devices can disable data transfer via 4G and 5G standards. The network disappears suddenly – for a few minutes or hours. After that the smartphone successfully connects to the towers of mobile operators.

At some owners of smartphones connection broke suddenly – for example, during a conversation. Also on the device screens may appear a message that the iPhone is not activated. According to users, the problem is unlikely to be related to specific operators – at least, providers who have contacted the owners of the iPhone 12, reported that they do not observe problems in the network.

In the corresponding post on Reddit, the authors said that the problem is partly solved after the transfer of the device in air mode and back. In some cases, owners of smartphones had to reset the network and the iPhone. Commentators have noticed that there is no guarantee that the problem will not arise again after some time.

Apple has not yet publicly responded to user complaints. Journalists have noticed that at least 500 iPhone 12 owners complained about network problems.

Smartphones of iPhone 12 series were presented on October 13. The lineup includes four devices – iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.