iPhone 12 mini disassembled

IFixit specialists disassembled the smallest smartphone in the current Apple line. The authors noticed that the modular design of the device makes it easy to replace the device screen.

Enthusiasts dismantled the device, paying attention to its small dimensions. In particular, they noticed a smaller battery – especially compared to the iPhone 12 battery. The iFixit review clarifies that the battery has more capacity than the new iPhone SE, but has less impressive battery life than other 2020 Apple smartphones.

The authors emphasized that in order to keep the device small, Apple engineers had to significantly reduce the size of the internal components – the MagSafe magnetic ring, camera, built-in Taptic Engine and other parts of the device. At the end of the work, experts noted that the integrity of the iPhone 12 mini structure is preserved due to special screws and glue, which complicates the dismantling of the gadget.

In conclusion, enthusiasts noted that the new device can easily replace the display and battery – the most popular components in the secondary market. However, the back of the case is very fragile, making it almost impossible to replace the glass panel at home. IPhone 12 mini dismantled scores 6 out of 10 in the maintainability rating (10 being the easiest repair).

Previously popular blogger Zack Nelson disassembled the iPhone 12 Pro on video. The author noticed that the flagship has a large amount of glue, which is why it had to be disassembled using an industrial hair dryer. The author also concluded that the inside of the new smartphone resembles a LEGO constructor, as it has a huge number of components.