iPhone 12 owners are facing a new challenge

The company’s specialists have recognized the problem and are currently looking for ways to fix it.

Some iPhone 12 users have noticed that the screens of their gadgets from time to time become green or gray, and flicker. Developers have recognized the problem and are currently working on fixing it.

According to internal documents Apple recognizes that under certain conditions, the displays of some iPhone 12 can flicker, and also take a green or gray tint.

The document, which was provided by an authorized Apple service provider, says that the company is studying customer requests and is investigating the situation. Apple also advised the technical experts not to try to eliminate the malfunction, at least at this stage. Instead, they should recommend users to update to the latest version of iOS on their smartphones.

These recommendations suggest that Apple is confident in its ability to solve the problem with iPhone 12 displays with a software update, which is already being prepared for distribution. It should be noted that a similar problem with green shades of displays was encountered in some last year’s iPhone 11, and then Apple really managed to solve it by releasing the fixes together with iOS 13.6.1.

According to available data, the problem with the display affects some iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, i.e. all new models of Apple smartphones. User reports indicate that the problem occurs when the display brightness level is set to 90% or lower. It is also known that the problem is observed in iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2, as well as in the first two beta versions of iOS 14.3. Flicker and change of display shade is not always constant, in some cases it occurs periodically.