iPhone factory vandalised in India

iPhone factory vandalised in India

Workers in India vandalised an iPhone factory over unfair pay.

Workers at an iPhone factory in India’s Nasapur region have wreaked havoc. People are accusing Wistron – Apple’s assembly partner that owns the factory – of underpayment of wages.

According to Apple Insider, nearly 2,000 employees on Saturday night attacked the factory’s facilities, smashing furniture and appliances, setting vehicles on fire, and attacking executives’ offices. The uprising was pacified with the help of police.

Employees claim they are being paid substantially less than promised. An engineer was promised Rs 21,000 ($285), but instead was first paid Rs 16,000 ($217), and has been paid Rs 12,000 ($163) for the past three months.

The situation was even worse for rank-and-file employees. Some claimed they received just Rs 500 per month ($6.78). The company has not commented on the incident.

Earlier, we reported that Apple has acknowledged the problem and is currently looking to fix it. Some iPhone 12 users have noticed that the screens of their gadgets occasionally take on a green or grey tint, as well as flickering.

The developers have acknowledged the problem and are currently working on fixing it.