Iran declared determination again to force down UAVs of the USA The commander of the Naval Forces of Iran admiral Hossein Hanzadi said that the USA knows about ability of Tehran rigidly to stop violation of the airspace. His words are cited by the Tasnim News agency.

“The enemy sent the cleverest and most perfect patrol plane to the forbidden zone, and all saw that this UAV was stopped, and we say that we can repeat it repeatedly” — Hanzadi told.
Earlier it became known that on June 24 the U.S. President Donald Trump will announce new sanctions against Iran which will become the answer to the brought-down UAV and an attack on two tankers in the Omani passage.
On June 21 Trump said that he stopped attack of the U.S. Armed Forces to Iran in ten minutes before it had to occur. Every other day he disproved own words and explained that he only for a while stopped the attack. The day before the Air Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps brought down the pilotless prospecting device of the USA. The American side at first disproved this message, but then recognized that Iran brought down the RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV — one of the largest American UAVs.
In the morning on June 13 in the Iranian waters of the Gulf of Oman two oil tankers were attacked. The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused the authorities of Iran of participation in the attack on civil tankers. According to him, point “intelligence data and the used weapon” to it. Later in the USA reported about the unexploded mine found onboard one of tankers. According to military, the same bombs were used during attack on tankers in May. Also in the Pentagon announced sending to the Omani passage of one more destroyer with cruise missiles.
Tension of two countries was fueled after at the beginning of May of the 2018th Trump announced a unilateral exit of Washington from the nuclear transaction of 2015 and renewal of sanctions against Tehran.
Official diplomatic relations between the USA and Iran do not exist since 1979 when during the Islamic revolution the American Embassy in Tehran was occupied and 52 Americans within 444 days were held hostage.