Iran has asked the U.S. not to interfere with fuel supplies to Venezuela

11 months ago

Iranian news agency Nour, close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, warned the U.S. against any interference with fuel supplies to Venezuela. This was reported by Reuters.

According to the report, the Americans were warned about the consequences if the U.S. will act “as pirates” with regard to supplies.

As stated by the spokesman for the Iranian government, Ali Rabiya, whom the agency cites, Iran and Venezuela are independent states that have maintained trade relations with each other. “We sell goods and buy goods in return. This deal does not concern anyone else,” Rabiya said.

According to the agency, a senior White House official said Thursday that the U.S. is considering measures that could be taken in connection with Iran’s fuel supply to Venezuela. Options will be presented to US President Donald Trump.

Venezuela is currently experiencing a fuel crisis, one of the reasons for which is a trade embargo by the U.S. and its allies. Iran is also under U.S. sanctions.

The day before it was reported that at least five oil tankers from Iran went to Venezuela with a cargo of fuel. This is the first case in recent history of such a large fuel supply to a South American nation.

On May 15, Iran said it would fire on U.S. ships that posed a threat to its security. Prior to that, Trump ordered U.S. Navy ships to destroy Iranian ships in case of conflict.

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